Recent Projects
  • 2018 Year in Review and Plans for 2019
  • Assessing and building adaptive capacity to address climate change impacts on fishing communities and fisheries resources in Micronesia - links to strategic communications workshop report, policy poster, and communication products on fish (post cardsMicronesia fish size poster), and overall findings.
    Assessing and building adaptive capacity research publication: 
  • Living with Change (LivC) in Tokelau - Tokelau Situational Analysis and Field Mission, August 2016; LivC Strategy for Enhancing the Resilience of Tokelau to Climate Change and Related Hazards, 2017; LivC Implementation Plan, 2017.  LivC has been included in New Zealand's Seventh National Communication and the Third Biennial Report to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
  • Climate Advice for Tokelau Government, The Changing Climate of Tokelau, Issue 1, June 2016
  • Pioneering Climate Clubs with DEUTSCHES INSTITUT FÜR ENTWICKLUNGSPOLITIK (DIE), German Development Institute and Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany.
  • Climate Intervention in the Asia-Pacific Region, University of Tokyo, Japan. 
  • Review of the Pacific Islands Global Climate Observing System (PI GCOS): LeA International successfully completed this project this month. The final report was submitted to NIWA and NOAA GCOS Program.  The Review of the PI GCOS Review is one of the projects funded under the US-NZ Joint Commission Mission on Science and Technology (JCM). 
  • Health and Climate Early Warning Systems (H-CLEWS) in selected Pacific Islands, NIWA/ESR/NOAA/East West Center.
  • Mid-Term Review Finnish-Pacific Project (FINPAC) Reduced Vulnerability of the Pacific Island Country villagers’ Livelihoods to the effects of climate change for FCG International and Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Concept Note on the Gender Dimensions of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change for CEDAW
  • Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction Training Initiative
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