About Us


LeA International has extensive experience in climate change and disaster risk reduction. We have worked in more than 60 countries for governments, private sector, intergovernmental and non-governmental agencies. We are a service provider consulting firm. Our goal is to become a full-scale developer and partnering operator of climate and resilience services. We specialise in providing services in the following areas:
  • Climate science and policy
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Resilience
  • Indigenous knowledge 
  • Gender, climate change and disasters
  • International Development Assistance
  • Climate Engineering Interventions (Geo-engineering)
  • Environmental Planning and Policy
...has a postgraduate degree in International Environmental Legal Studies and Bachelor of Science (Physics & Mathematics) degree. He received the Certificate of Achievement in the 2018 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year. More...
Curriculum Vitae
Climate Advisor, Tokelau


...has degrees in Political Science, Urban & Regional Planning, and International Relations, with an emphasis on Disaster and Climate Risk Management, Adaptation, and Resilience Planning.  More...
Curriculum Vitae
 LeA International benefits from associates to bring expertise to our risk management projects. Our associates to date are:
  • Dr Paul Blaschke, Independent environmental consultant, Blaschke and Rutherford Environmental Consultants (see more)
  • Mr. Garry Clarke, International Consultant, Informet Pacific (see more)
  • Dr. Howard J. Diamond, Adjunct Research Associate, Victoria University of Wellington (see more)
  • Dr. Sarah Henly-Shepard, Executive Director, Disaster Resilience, LLC (see more)
  • Dr. Christine (Cassie) Kenney, Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Risk Management, Massey University (see more)
  • Dr. Mark L. Morrissey, Consultant for "PACRAIN" and Professor (retired), University of Oklahoma Department of Meteorology (see more)  
  • Dr. Jane Rovins, PhD, CEO, Disaster Reduction and Resilience Solutions, Ltd. (see more)
  • Mr. Ronald A. Walden, LLB. LLM (Hons.) (see more)